Friday 15 December 2017

[article] End of Year, Finish the Books!

End of Year, Finish the Books!

Or, Impending Sense of Doom as You Realise You Never Did the Things You Wanted To

As the year draws to a close we always think of the things we haven't done rather the things that we have. I'm no exception. Whilst my reading year has been pretty damn awesome - I've read 170 books this year, absolutely smashing my previous record - they're are a number of books that I've meant to read all year, but never got around to.

In an effort to end this year on a particularly high note, I shall be trying to read the following books (in my revision study breaks, of course) before New Year!


The Standalones:

I've had my eye on Mindy McGinnis for a while now, and in particular her novel The Female of the Species, about a young woman called Alex Craft who killed her sister's murderer and rapist and was never caught. It's got some mixed reviews and I don't often read books with such dark premises, but this book sounds fantastic. I'm about to crack it open, so hopefully will have finished it before I actually post this article! Stay tuned....

Unfortunately many YA books tend to become series, so I don't really have a lot of standalone books sitting around. So one that kind of qualifies but doesn't really is Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express - it's part of a collective body of works, but I'm assured it can be read and enjoyed all by itself. Here's hoping no one has lied to me...

The Sequels:

In my recent Christmas Books post I wrote that I intend to read the sequel to Red Rising, Golden Son, this Christmas. And I meant what I said - I will be reading it when I go home from university for the holiday. I'm not really sure which direction this series is going to go in, but I, remarkably, actually remember how the first book ended (that's a real feat for me - normally give it a month and I'll have forgotten the details, but that's just how good Red Rising was) so I'll be able to drive straight back into it.


The Series-Starters:

Having finally gotten around to reading my ARC of Invictus by Ryan Graudin (which was amazing), I realised that I have now owned Wolf By Wolf for almost a year. It sounds awesome - based on genetic experiments, a motorcycle race, and overthrowing Hitler - and has had some pretty rave reviews. I'm especially pumped to read it as I loved Invictus and can't wait to see what else Graudin is capable of. I also own the sequel, Blood For Blood, so I'd better enjoy it!

I have a reasonably long list of ARCs to read on Netgalley, though my reviewed percentage has been slowly creeping up to the coveted 80%, but one that has stood out on the list is Everless by Sara Holland. In Sempera, time is currency and blood is time and the rich live forever. I love the concept and think this would be a great ARC to finish the year on, not to mention that it's being published in January and I do like to review them before they hit the shelves. 

Will I actually read all of these before 1/1/2018? Probably not. Will I try? Yes!

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