Friday 17 March 2017

[challenge] Burn, Rewrite, Reread

Burn, Rewrite, Reread

a book challenge

I've done a chunk of book reviews recently in an attempt to clear up my Netgalley TBR pile, so I fancied doing something a bit more fun and light-hearted. So here's a delightfully bookish challenge I've seen floating around on some other blogs.

The Rules

  • Randomly pick three books that you have read (I'm using the Goodreads sort > random feature)
  • For each group of three, decide which book to burn, which to rewrite, and which to reread 
  • If you do the challenge, comment below with a link to yours so I can check it out!

Round One

Burn: Shatter Me

I really did not get into this book, despite everyone else seeming to love it. Did not like Juliette or her romance, which was a shame because the premise - girl can kill things by touching them - was good.

Rewrite: Gilded Cage

I liked Gilded Cage but my main problem was that the book was too short and had too many POV's. If I rewrote it I'd either make it longer or cut out a few POV's; the terrible romance would also go.
(See my review of Gilded Cage)

Reread: Alanna: The First Adventure

This one is a childhood favourite. Alanna dresses as a boy to train as a knight, a classic trope, and my copy is already well-worn.

Round Two:

Burn: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

I feel bad because this book is critically acclaimed and I've read it twice and enjoyed it, but next to the other two, well, bye-bye dog.

Rewrite: The Night Circus

I loved this book but Bridget Jones is perfect as it is and The Night Circus had some flaws. So rewrite it is. I'd probably make it slightly shorter and cut out some of the lengthy description.

Reread: Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason

I love Bridget Jones. I love the films and the books and have already reread them all multiple times. She's hilarious and relatable and Colin Firth is a babe.

Round Three:

Burn: Anne & Henry

A very easy decision as this was a terrible book. It's the story of Anne Boleyn but set in high school and she rides a motorbike and instead of being executed she gets expelled. Ew.

Rewrite: And the Mountains Echoed

I loved the other two of Khaled Hosseini's books (The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns) but this one was missing something for me. Perhaps it was because we kept skipping between characters. 

Reread: Half the World

This book, the second in Abercrombie's Shattered Sea trilogy, was my favourite instalment. The whole trilogy is incredible though, would absolutely hands-down recommend to any gritty fantasy loving fans. This one focuses on Thorn Bathu, my one true love, a girl who kills a boy with a sword and sets out on a deadly sea voyage to redeem herself. Incredible novel.

Thanks for reading and I challenge all my readers to do this for themselves and to comment with a link below!

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